Soweto born, Lufuno Muthubi saw how the powerful will and determination caused South Africa’s apartheid system to crumble. It has not completely disappeared, however. Apartheid’s legacy lives on in South Africa’s present reality…

Public education in South Africa retains the curriculum of its former system, which leaves little room for creativity, critical thinking, and other factors for academic success. In fact, 90% of South African schools don’t have access to IT resources, with the majority of those schools located in townships and rural schools.

Through the power of education, FutureAzania strives be a platform through which South Africa can bridge a gap in knowledge, designs, and resources for its children.

FutureAzania is also a movement, one that can benefit all by empowering children and youth through greater access to the educational tools they need to change enrich themselves and their society.

We believe in a future where South Africans are innovators. We believe in building programs that provide opportunities in society. We are all stakeholders in this potential revolution.

There has never been a better moment to ensure that the children—all children—of South Africa learn and understand the ways of technology and design. With the human potential to create, innovate, and solve problems on a global scale, Africa has a future filled with extraordinary possibility.

And the time is now.

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